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Big John’s Ace Hardware hosted a community party on December 6, 2016 to celebrate the reopening of the Grand Avenue bridge. We just wanted to say thanks to all those involved in the completion of a challenging and logistically difficult construction project.

So we invited a few of the key players in the project to address community members and answer questions about it. In addition, we invited the business owners along Grand Avenue who so patiently bore the brunt of the construction and the impact to their businesses. We invited the community who traveled back and forth through the slow moving detour every day to get to work. We invited people from the city planning department, police force, and emergency services who had to handle the confusion and frustration of a large number of commuters every day. We invited the members of RFTA who stepped up to the plate with expanded and more frequent and affordable routes throughout the bridge closure. And we invited the people who did the work on
the bridge through hot days, then cold days, and often in the dead of night.

We stand amazed at the number of individuals and entities that had to come together in a cohesive and coordinated fashion to bring this project to a satisfying conclusion.

We celebrated with food, music from the Glenwood Jazz Band, and plenty of door prizes. It feels good to have our community re-connected and our vital downtown core moving again.